Free Diving Courses

Recreational Aquatic Activity

Free Diving is also an intriguing recreational sport, celebrated as a relaxing, liberating, and unique experience. Many snorkelers may technically be free diving if they perform any sort of breath hold diving – it is important to stress the importance of training and supervision when making this association.Free Diving is a technique used with various aquatic activities. While in general all aquatic activities that include breath-hold diving might be classified as a part of Free Diving, some sports are more accepted than others.Examples of recognized Free Diving activities are (non-) competitive free diving, (non-) competitive spearfishing, Free Diving photography and mermaid shows. Other sport may include, but are not limited to, synchronised swimming, underwater rugby, underwater hockey, underwater hunting (other than spearfishing), and snorkeling. Free Diving is often strongly associated with competitive Breath-Hold Diving or Competitive Apnea.

Like other water sports, free diving is associated with therapeutic properties. The experience of freedom in an underwater environment makes Free Diving somewhat of a personal and spiritual journey for many. Yoga is used by many practitioners to increase focus, breath, and overall performance.

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