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Join the CDA Spear Fishing Club:

$60 to join which will include:
*Club card, financial year validation (June
*Free weekly dives
*Monthly club nights
*10% off all spearfishing gear
*Info on great local & overseas trips
*Purely social

We are stocking the highly sort after Shark Shield, they are selling like hot cakes, no Spearo should be without one.

Charlestown Diving Academy boasts the largest range of spear fishing equipment in Newcastle. Featuring over 20 Spearguns on display;

Rob Allen
Sea Hornet

We also have a full range of fins and a large display of masks, snorkels, variety of wetsuits and all associated spear fishing equipment. We cater for everyone from the novice to the experienced blue water enthusiast.

Educational and safe spearfishing

Take a Spearfishing Course with a certified AUF Ocean Spearfishing coach Let Charlestown Diving Academy show you how to spearfish right, right from the start. Charlestown Diving Academy (CDA) & The Australian Underwater Federation (AUF) support sustainable, safe spearfishing, through education, by certifying this course to teach both new & experienced divers the unique techniques of spearfishing.Charlestown Diving Academy Schedules 3 Levels of Spearfishing Courses that introduce new skills as your experience & skill levels improve.For more information on Spearfishing courses please click on the flow chart below to view details about any Spearfishing course that you might be interested in.

Contact us now on 02 49421412 or e-mail info@charlestowndive.com.au

spear-image9Spearfishing Level 1

Spearfishing Level 2

Spearfishing Level 3


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