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Which Scuba Certification Should You Take?

All non military diving and non commercial diving is categorized as “recreational diving”. Within recreational diving there is “recreational sport diving” and “technical diving. Recreational sport diving includes your beginners course (called Open Water Diver), advanced diver and many “specialty courses” like deep, wreck or photography diver. Technical diving picks up where recreational sport diving ends.PADI, DSAT, TDI, CDAA – these are all dive certifying agencies you may have heard about. It’s like alphabet soup! Where do you start? Which course do you choose? We offer what we consider the best in all facets of diving, whether it is learning to dive, diving for fun, technical diving or teaching diving.

If you are new to SCUBA diving, or already a recreational (sport) diver seeking more fun, you can follow our “PADI Recreational Diver” flow chart. Just click on the PADI Recreational Courses button below.

If you want to explore beyond the realms of sport diving, including deeper than 40m, or using mixed gasses, or under overhead environments (cave, decompression) you may wish to try Technical diving. Click on our DSAT, TDI or CDAA buttons to choose a technical course.

Want to teach diving, click on “Go Pro”.

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