Spearfishing Courses

Educational and safe spearfishing

Take a Spearfishing Course with a certified AUF Ocean Spearfishing coach Let Charlestown Diving Academy show you how to spearfish right, right from the start. Charlestown Diving Academy (CDA) & The Australian Underwater Federation (AUF) support sustainable, safe spearfishing, through education, by certifying this course to teach both new & experienced divers the unique techniques of spearfishing.Charlestown Diving Academy Schedules 3 Levels of Spearfishing Courses that introduce new skills as your experience & skill levels improve.For more information on Spearfishing courses please click on the flow chart below to view details about any Spearfishing course that you might be interested in.

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spear-image9Spearfishing Level 1

Spearfishing Level 2

Spearfishing Level 3


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